General Information

Projects for Master students
The University of Geneva offers a Master in Bioinformatics in collaboration with SIB, the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics. Candidates interested to participate in our reptilian genomics, transcriptomics or proteomics projects can contact Dr. Athanasia Tzika to obtain more information. These projects are also open to students following the Master in Biology (option Genetics, Development and Evolution - GDE), University of Geneva, for the associated lab work.

    Proposed subjects:
  1. Corn snake genome annotation (Master in Bioinformatics)
  2. Mapping corn snake color and color pattern traits (Master in Bioinformatics and/or Master in Biology)
  3. Comparative proteomics in reptiles (Master in Bioinformatics and/or Master in Biology)
  4. Comparative transcriptomics in reptiles (Master in Bioinformatics)
  5. MANTiS v.2: a phylogenetic framework for full genome comparisons (Master in Bioinformatics)

Contact information
For enquires, contact Dr Athanasia Tzika (athanasia [dot] tzika [at]

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The Reptile database logo Reptile Database provides a catalogue of all living reptile species and their classification.

The consortium for Snakegenomics logo Snake Genomics aims to increase the availability of snake genomic resources to facilitate continued innovative research on these important model organisms. Links to the Python molurus and the Ophiophagus hannah are provided within.

The Pogona genome logo Reptile Genomics Team at the University of Canberra has collaborated with the Beijing Genome Institute (BGI, Shenzhen) to generate an annotated genome for the Australian central bearded dragon Pogona vitticeps.

The Genome size logo Animal Genome Size Database is a comprehensive catalogue of animal genome size data. Haploid DNA contents (C-values, in picograms) are currently available for 5,635 species (3,731 vertebrates and 1,904 non-vertebrates) based on 7,286 records from 683 published sources.

Institutional links

The GENEV logoDepartment of Genetics and Evolution of the University of Geneva hosts 12 research laboratories gathering close to 200 scientists, engineers and technical staff. Research activities cover a large variety of topics, such as developmental genetics and neurogenetics, regeneration, evo-devo, physics of biology, phylogenetics or anthropology.

iGE3 logo iGE3, the Institute of Genetics and Genomics of Geneva, is a dynamic structure of the University of Geneva to promote research and teaching related to the human and other genomes. Its ambition is to understand life in the light of the structure, variation and function of genomes, and to contribute to the promotion of health based on the studies of the various human genomes.

The SIB logo SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics is an independent, non-profit foundation that includes some 60 bioinformatics research and service groups and some 750 scientists from the major Swiss schools of higher education and research institutes. SIB provides world-class bioinformatics.

Mandated by the federal government, the SNF logo Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) supports basic science in all academic disciplines, from history to medicine and the engineering sciences. The SNSF is Switzerland’s foremost research funding organisation and finances over 3,200 projects involving 14,800 researchers each year.